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My apprenticeship with the Sandman

After I was able to work with him personally for some time at the Sandman, my fascination for the sand pictures, which I have been cultivating since childhood, revived. An old prototype that Klaus once gave me can still be found in my apartment, as well as my own advanced collection.
During my time in Austria I studied the philosophy and history of the Sandman in addition to the production of the works.
The Sandman sells worldwide in some parts of Asia and North America, but the sand pictures are not very widespread in Europe. Then I took the initiative to bring his art into the world.


An unbelievable poo of rest
For me, the sand picture embodies peace and harmony but also elegance and self-confidence. The look into a sand picture opens doors and grants a moment that helps me to concentrate on the essentials and on the moment. In situations that cause stress and excitement, a look at a sand picture or a short maintenance of the Zen garden loosens the mood and I forget everything for a moment and that is often very valuable. 


When the art is alive 
I love it when I see other people looking at the pictures with similar fascination and discovering something for themselves between the grains of sand. 
Everyone sees something different in the pictures, at the same time the pictures keep telling us different stories after each turning point. The picture needs a certain amount of attention and occasional care in order to develop completely and to become a long-term companion.

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