frequently asked Questions

What is a sand picture made of?

In addition to sand from different parts of the world in different colors, the interior consists of a coordinated mixture of water and air bubbles. The water ensures an even flow of sand in the picture, while the air is used to regulate the flow rate.


Can I use my new sandcape right away?

Every image undergoes a complete cleaning and adjustment immediately before being sent. So the picture arrives at your place clean and ready and the sand starts to draw fascinating landscapes after the first 2 turns. 


How long do our sand pictures last?

As long as the work of art is regularly turned and cared for, it will last an eternity. Even if a sand painting has stood still for a long time and has not been cared for, in most cases it can be restored.


Will the different sand mix up at some point?

Due to fine, careful sieving and different grain sizes, the sand in our pictures has sharp contours. Landscapes that our sand art works of the “KB Collection” create retain their characteristics and clarity over time.


How often should I regulate the air?

Depending on how often you turn and use your sand picture, the air should be adjusted approximately every 2 months. It is usually easy to see when the sand picture needs more or less air. If the sand falls too quickly for your taste, just fill in some air according to the enclosed air scale. However, if the sand does not run, there is too much air in the image and you will need to remove some of the air.


How often should I turn off the water?

This is also relatively easy to check. After a period of time (approx. 6-8 months) some of the water has evaporated from the picture and must be refilled. As soon as the sand clearly takes up more than half of the picture, water must be refilled.


Can I also let my child play with a sandcape?

If a child can handle a glass, they can likely handle a sand picture as well. If the picture is not dropped and broken, there is nothing that could be dangerous to a child. In fact, the relaxing and calming effects also affect children and are intended to help them concentrate. The accessories for regulating the images should be stored out of the reach of children.


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