The Sandman

Klaus Bösch born 1963 in Lustenau, Austria - artist name KB The Sandman:

In the early 80's I started looking for ways to express my creativity. I started with photo art. For a while I drew with pencil, ink, tempera and oil, by the mid-eighties I still hadn't found an art direction that could really fascinate me. In October 1986 a close friend gave me a sand picture. At that time, some primitive variants were available.

I still remember that evening well. I was deeply touched by observing the flowing sand forms, which put me in a kind of meditation, almost a trance. The first hour was as if the world around me no longer existed. It was then that I decided to take up this concept. Flowing sand is the medium of my works of art, just like others use oil on canvas. I let the sand tell stories of the world and our earth development, which are stored in the memory of the minerals. All of this remains hidden from our short human life, but we can feel or imagine these fairy tales when we interact with sand pictures.

Self-taught, I researched basic knowledge and continued discovering in order to refine the technique. In 1988 I founded the company for the production and sale of sand pictures. I started with simple, small series, soon one-of-a-kind pieces were added. This made my first vernissage possible in 1991 on Lake Zurich. Training in Feng Shui, color theory and geomancy followed shortly thereafter. There I learned a basic knowledge that influences my work and gives my works the magical spirit because formats, shapes, proportions and colors play together in such a way that positive energies are generated. 

In 2007 I decided to go back to art and design. My pictures have a deeper meaning, as do the sand mixtures that I use. The works reflect life themes, open up large formats, combine sand pictures with light and extend to large-scale installations.

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