Regulation of the water

How do I regulate water in my sand picture?

There is an elementary balance in every sand picture, which is determined by sand, water and air. You are responsible for the balance over the forces acting.

Instructions are already included in the scope of delivery as a small booklet. This booklet explains a lot of interesting facts about the care of the sand pictures. In case of doubt, always use the description as a guide, there also rare individual cases are described, whereas these instructions are limited to regular maintenance.

The evaporated water should be added to the picture about once a year. The water content can be determined in relation to the space taken up by the sand. If the sand appears to occupy more than 60% of the sand image, enough water has escaped to require refilling. To do this, take the enclosed needle and syringe and draw it up with filtered or boiled water and empty the syringe in one of the air holes. There is an air hole on each side at opposite height, through which you can easily get to the silicone, angle the picture diagonally to move the sand away from the hole. There is enough water in the picture again as soon as the sand takes up less than half of the picture again, the equilibrium is restored by the added liquid. Please note the following when regulating.

For every cannula of water that you pump into the picture, the same amount of air must be extracted, if any has accumulated, otherwise there will be an imbalance at some point and the picture may be broken. In addition, leave the needle in the seal while you refill it with water, so that you avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the seal. follow

The most important thing for maintaining a sand picture is turning itself over. If the picture moves regularly, there are significantly fewer problems than if you turn it over every 2 weeks. The sand picture is not just a decorative object in your apartment, but something that wants to be played on and displayed. Please only use the included needle size, if you have misplaced yours, reorder them from us, any other size will damage the silicone considerably.