Regulation of the air

How do I regulate the air in my sand picture?

There is an elementary balance in every sand picture, which is determined by sand, water and air. You are responsible for the balance over the forces acting.

Instructions are already included in the scope of delivery as a small booklet. This booklet explains a lot of interesting facts about the care of the sand pictures. In case of doubt, always use the description as a guide, there also rare individual cases are described, whereas these instructions are limited to regular maintenance.

When they get the sand painting, there isn't much to do. After you have unpacked it, the appropriate amount of air must be filled into the picture using the syringe and needle provided. While the amount of sand cannot be regulated, air and water can each be regulated from two points. Each picture has a small hole in the frame on opposite ends, from there you can get the inside of the picture very well.

Use the transparent air scale to regulate the picture, which is held in the corner of the picture. A line can be seen on this air scale, until there the air should be approximately in order to create an initial balance. The line serves as a guide for the level of air bubbles in the picture, as each of our products is handmade, however, this guideline does not always match the individual product.

So that the sand falls faster and has less resistance, try it with less air, to give the sand more time to unfold, top up with some air. The larger your sand picture, the more air it needs so that the air bubbles support the sand over its full length.

In the end you will find out how much air your picture needs! Some prefer when the sand is in free fall, others like to watch each grain of sand individually as it romps through the air bubbles.
But if there is too much air, not much happens in the picture and it can break. We recommend turning your sandcape at least once a month to avoid sand build-up etc.

The most important thing for maintaining a sand picture is turning itself over. If the picture moves regularly, there are significantly fewer problems than if you turn it over every 2 months. The sand picture is not just a decorative object in your apartment, but something that wants to be played on and displayed. Please only use the included needle size, if you have misplaced yours, reorder them from us, any other size will damage the silicone considerably.