The five elements

The production of a sand picture works with the elements fire, water, earth, air and love.


The glass between which the minerals move connects two elements within the sand picture. Shaped by the fire, the sand itself becomes what surrounds it.


Inside a sandcape, the water is the element that puts the work of art into the flow. Without the water mixture, the sand falls to the ground without a hold, with it it floats gently through the picture.


Guardian of the sand and friend of the water. Due to the interplay of air and water, the sand in the picture is carried by a layer of air bubbles, whereby it coagulates as desired.


The quiet element of the sand picture. Depending on the design, the picture can be held delicately by the wood or it can also be powerfully enclosed. The wood gives the picture a home.


The binding element, love brings together what is meant for each other and it unites all elements through careful handwork in the shape of the sandcape.